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Electric vehicle powertrain


Our solutions for die attach and soldering enable the creation of inverters which are more efficient, last longer, have a smaller footprint and can be produced cost effectively in high volumes.

Battery Module

Battery Management System

The correct functioning of battery management systems determines not just the reliability but also the safety of an electric vehicle.  Our circuitry and interconnect materials provide efficient, safe, highly reliable solutions for power management.


How can MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions help with EV and powertrain development?

People holding EV inverter

We’re experts in automotive engineering, because we’re leaning on what we’ve learnt over 60 years from helping other industries with our established brands.  MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions provides a single information point across the global automotive industry.

We’re using our knowledge and experience to help manufacturers overcome challenges such as extending power range and efficiency in EVs.

We believe that power electronics are the key to achieving the balance between improving the energy density of an EV battery and limiting vehicle performance. Our technology enables the electronic designs of automotive OEMs to be more efficient and reliable. Our video below demonstrates our innovative materials help achieve this.

 Do you want to understand three ways to improve range and efficiency in electric vehicles? Read our latest article to find out.


By helping to increase efficiencies in inverter technology, silver sintering reduces the power semiconductor content of inverters in EVs – without needing to increase battery size.


Hand holding parts for electric vehicle inverter

Are you looking to improve the range, power, and reliability of your electric car?

Increasing the range, power and reliability of zero emission vehicles continues to be a key challenge in the widespread adoption of EVs. Typically this requires greater battery capacity or more comprehensive motor design, which not only raises the cost of the vehicle but also adds weight.

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is helping OEMs design more efficient and lighter electric vehicles and we are here to help you overcome the following EV challenges:

Our video below demonstrates how to achieve more power with less semiconductor content.

Improved current throughput by using silver sinter technology enables more power with less semiconductor content leading to a smaller footprint and reduced weight of the inverter.


Modules inverter

How to improve EV reliability with optimum material choices

Electric vehicles require materials that aid the range, power efficiency, and reliability - mainly in the electronics area. With electric products, everything is connected – through both circuitry and assembly.

We will help you find the solutions for any of your design goals, including:

  • Increasing inverter efficiency
  • Improving reliability of solder joints
  • Mitigation of thermal management concerns

Choosing the best combination of these materials could result in the use of fewer batteries, or extended range

Our video below demonstrates the advantages of Argomax silver sintering for inverters.

Advances in sintering technology are key to improved inverter designs, enabling higher performance hybrid and electric vehicles.


Scientists discussing PCB manufacturing

Improving electric vehicle power electronics

With the EV market growing at a rapid pace, manufacturing challenges also arise. As a result, it has become crucial that OEMs and Tier 1s develop the right technologies designed to enhance the performance of electric vehicles that also meet the needs of ever-connected consumers.

We offer a range of products and solutions suited to the electric vehicle industry.

  • Our electronics division provides solutions for assembly and circuitry.
  • Our industrial solutions provides processes for working with lightweight materials such as aluminum and magnesium.

Our expertise across the automotive supply chain enhances system-level solutions to the automotive industry.

Discover MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions’s global brands.

With vehicle electronics, everything is connected – through both circuitry and assembly. Our video below demonstrates how MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions aids electronic hardware reliability.


EVs require materials that aid reliability in the electronics area. With electronics products, everything is connected – through both circuitry and assembly. More specifically, they are solutions that use Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and other substrates for semi-conductors and connectors.


What is an electric vehicle powertrain?

Electric vehicle powertrains don't use internal combustion engines (ICE) as their primary power source. These can range from full battery to full hybrid variations. Read more >

EV - Battery Electric Vehicle
MHEV - Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle
FHEV - Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle
PHEV - Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle


What is cyclic corrosion testing?

A typical cyclic corrosion tests comprises of 24-hour cycles of salt fog, elevated temperatures and high humidity. They are regarded as more aggressive than traditional neutral salt spray (NSS) testing. Read more >

What is automotive surface finishing technology?

Surface coatings  are applied to a broad range of metal and non-metal surfaces.

These coatings have functional and decorative properties which include uses, such as:

  • Improving wear and tear.
  • Providing corrosion resistance.
  • Decorative uses, such as improving aesthetics.
What is ZinKlad?

ZinKlad is part of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutionss' Quality Performance Systems. ZinKlad helps automotive engineers to specify the right products in a post hexavalent chromium-free world. The steady evolution of the ZinKlad program has enabled many global OEM’s to specify ever-higher performance standards.Specifically it tackles the challenges for high-performance automotive coatings of the future.  Read more >