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Miniaturization of automotive electronics

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PCB manufacturing in operation

Smaller components are the key to advanced vehicle safety 

Performance and safety improvements ARE possible with design flexibility and vehicle weight reduction 

To achieve advanced levels of vehicle autonomy, the decision-making capability of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) must drastically increase. The challenge is that additional processing power often translates into increased weight and space constraints,  as a result of the need for additional electronics.

But, why is miniaturization essential to advanced safety?

Miniaturization provides the solution, as smaller, more intelligent electronic components and circuits are fast becoming the standard  of a new era in advanced vehicle technology; one where ADAS plays a central role in overall vehicle safety and performance. As vehicles become more dependent on ADAS, it is vital that components are reliable and can withstand highly demanding operating conditions. 


Overcoming your ADAS miniaturization challenges 

Miniaturizing ADAS hardware shortens the distance any electrical signal has to travel, enabling rapid processing even in challenging operating conditions. In addition, it frees up additional design space within a vehicle build.

Our experience in intricate interconnected designs is helping to shape the future of automotive. We facilitate OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers to miniaturize the electronics used in ADAS, thus achieving a competitive edge in a marketplace where safety and reliability are paramount. Here is a selection of areas in which we are continuing to push the boundaries to deliver ever-smaller automotive electronics:

Are high-density interconnections critical to your component designs? 

Is this resulting in fabrication challenges or concerns for thermomechanical and electrochemical reliability? 

Our team of experts understands the link between component design and vehicle safety, reliability and performance. These insights inform everything we do when creating new materials, supporting the entire automotive safety supply chain. 

Advanced levels of vehicle autonomy will inevitably give rise to harsher operating conditions for electronic hardware, making the need for robust materials all the more pressing.

Market leaders in microvia filling

We are market leaders in microvia filling and additive PCB processing for more precise circuit definition. Our assembly offerings cover the full spectrum of solder alloy types, powder sizes and we continue to make strides in the development of electrochemically resistant flux packages. 

Illustration of PCB with attached pacakges

We also specialize in metal plating options for advanced semiconductor packaging, from wafer fabrication to backend attachment. 

Should your needs deviate from the conventional circuit board design, our performance films and plating for molded plastics capability can help you to achieve your ADAS manufacturing goals.


Exploring miniaturization of automotive electronics

Watch the video in which we explain how our materials facilitate miniaturization of electronics, specifically the circuits and their supporting advanced packages.