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Electric vehicle range

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Blue EV car on road

Improve electric vehicle range without increasing the battery content by using silver sinter technology

Silver sintering technology increases the efficiency of the electric powertrain compared to conventional die attach methods, giving car manufacturers the option to either increase the range without changing the battery content or to lower the cost and weight without reducing the range.

In electric vehicles there is a clear trade-off: increased range requires larger battery capacity, but larger battery packs of course increase the weight of the vehicle – which in turn reduces the range. Clearly, improving electric vehicle powertrain efficiency is absolutely vital, so we can optimize the range of the car.  

Silver sinter technology enables the creation of more efficient inverters; compared to conventional die attach technology silver sintering reduces the cumulative thermal resistance through the power semiconductors by over 10%.  This even improves over time with power cycling; as assembled, after initial processing, a typical sintered silver interconnection has a bulk density of approximately 85%. After over 350,000 power cycles the density increases to in excess of 94%, further reducing the thermal resistance of the interconnections.