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Enhanced reliability of ADAS components

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Autonomous car with driver warning

The trend to remove human dependence and still produce a safer journey forces the car industry to utilize the most stringent testing of any market segment  



Removing the driver can only be achieved through addition of electronic decision making or artificial intelligence. The industry must ensure that these systems are reliable. Our innovative materials and chemical processes address the ever-changing reliability requirements of the automotive market. We have products that were specifically designed in collaboration with car makers in response to industry expectations.  

Do car maker’s specifications push you to a higher range of thermal cycle durations? Is heat and vibration exposing limitations in material resilience? Our history as a global supplier for the automotive space brings high reliability needs in harsh environments to the forefront of our development efforts. We fully comprehend that the right material choices will positively impact performance.

Our innovations will help the automotive supply chain realize greater reliability in all aspects of the electronic builds. This ranges from enhanced performance offered in surface finish and copper plating technology for the printed circuit board to extending product life with our patented, high reliability solder alloy. These simple changes will advance designs today. We are positioned for the future when the inevitable move to more advanced packages will necessitate our adhesive technology or the use of a conductive die attach to promote faster heat removal from the die to extend life.