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Creating circuits for safety systems

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Blue PCB with packages

Our circuitry division supports all markets segments of the electronics industry - and has for over 60 years

The path to advanced safety and ultimately next level autonomy is through increased processing power. Miniaturized electronic circuits enable greater processing power and faster speed designs.  We understand the challenges of miniaturization. We apply tailored solutions to the automotive space for success. We focus on improving our chemical processes for high reliability in advanced safety features.   

Specifically, our Circuitry Solutions division provides cleaning, plating and inner layer bonding solutions for all types of printed circuit boards. This includes rigid, flex and formable PCBs. Our plating expertise has enabled gains in high-density designs and more recently the move to build-up processing for IC substrates.

We take a collaborative approach to research and development. Understanding the voice of customer is critical. It enables us to deliver products with improved performance and enhanced reliability. 

Conductive pathways 

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is a perfect choice for collaborating on your future technologies. We are a market leader in copper plating and surface finishing to all market segments on a global scale. Our technical experts understand the physical requirements for a successful conductive pathway needed on any design.

Functional Surfaces

The final plating step prior to assembly of a system is called a final finish. As the automotive landscape changes, the role of the final finish continues to provide durability and function. We classify our functional surface finishes by performance requirements:

  • Solderable
  •  Mechanical bondable
  •  Corrosion-resistant
  •  Conductive