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Electric vehicle reliability

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Lengthen electric vehicle lifespan and reduce warranty costs with high reliability joining materials

Reliability is critical; we already see some manufacturers offering warranty levels of up to 8 years, with unlimited miles.  Sintering technology provides a step change in reliability for power semiconductors; while for conventional soldered interconnections, the InnoLot solder alloy can more than double service life.

A fully Silver-sintered silicon die with a power cycle delta T of 100K will survive over one million power cycles.  By contrast a conventionally soldered silicon die under similar conditions (V­gate 20V, 130A current, 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off, maximum junction temperature of 145°C, delta T 85°C) will fail in fewer than 12,000 power cycles.

In addition to the power semiconductor components, there are tens of thousands of conventionally soldered surface mount joints in the electronics of every car, found in the electronics control units (ECU). The InnoLot alloy can extend the fatigue life of those interconnections by a factor of two to three, depending upon design constraints.