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Joining materials for semiconductor packages

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ADAS Miniaturization Semiconductor

Our holistic approach specializes in supporting the packaging market

We take a holistic approach to support the packaging market from partnering with tool vendors to understand testing at Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) and finally knowing the requirements of the end users. 

PCB being inspected

The packaging ecosystem is getting more intricate for the automotive market, especially as focus turns to support advanced safety and electric vehicles.  

The importance of innovation in design for advanced packages is indisputable. Our attention lies on material properties and chemical processes to achieve enhanced performance and reliability of these critical designs. A team of skilled formulators to keep pace in this market is crucial. 

The combination of a history suppling to all end uses, attention to collaboration, building relations and the delivery of innovative processes and materials enables success faster and more accurately.  

Our technology supports the full spectrum of semiconductor device fabrication including various plating processes such as copper plating of the wafer and other metal plating for interconnection in the package. From there, we contribute a range of joining materials such as conductive thermal die attach, silver sintering and high reliability solder alloys.  

Our solutions focus is on increased performance and enhanced cost-effectiveness. Through our process and materials advances, the automotive market will achieve greater efficiency, reliability and performance in any system design.

Wafer fabrication

Our ViaForm Copper Damascene meets the demands of shrinking device geometries while giving chip manufacturers the flexibility to apply this chemistry to their existing processes and tool systems. ​

Wafer level packaging

Advanced packages will be critical to the success of future transportation; from connectivity to advance safety and electrification to autonomy.  ​

Our expertise creating connections within the packages will help the supply chain reach next level design.​

Our processes include ​

  • copper pillar/post​

  • copper RDL,​

  • nickel, tin-silver bump, gold bump, ​

  • through-silicon via (TSV) ​

Semiconductor packaging​

We offer a wide range of attachment materials to support the semiconductor packaging process. The goal is to enhance mechanical, electrical and thermal stability throughout operational life. ​

Our suite of products offers solutions for all possible wafer types and sizes assembled into a high-performance devices designed for current and future automotive performance and reliability requirements. ​

Our processes include: