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Display Films

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Hardcoated film display with hand

Automotive interior applications require a variety of key performance characteristics to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements

With a range of films that meet the specifications of automotive manufacturers worldwide, supported by our industry leading XMAPP QPS system, we have both innovative materials and unrivaled expertise to help you develop high performance products.

Whether you are looking for a 'touch' application such as capacitive switching, a 'see' application such as a driver information display, or a 'touch and see' application such as a fully integrated touch screen, our XtraForm range of high-performance automotive films is a design enabler.

From 2D parts to deep draw 3D formed parts with tight radii, our hardcoated XtraForm range of automotive films have durability for high-wear areas of the vehicle cockpit. Available in high gloss or antiglare finishes, our films also give the optical performance you need in various light conditions. This range of films is also complemented by printable texturing lacquers to produce a variety of finishes across a single part.

For parts with attached printed electronic sensors, our Autostat range of heat-stabilised polyesters provide an ideal substrate choice, whilst our XtraForm range is ideal for in-mold electronics (IME).