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  • Meeting directives, such as ELV REACh and RoHS continues to be essential requirements. QPS delivers on all of these needs. QPS complies with the conditions set forth in the ISO 9001: 2015.


    QPS helps automotive engineers to specify the right products in a sustainable world. The steady evolution of the program has enabled many global OEM’s to specify ever-higher performance standards and represents:

    • Approved applicators: Applying these products to a common audited standard ensures the same coating performance throughout the applicator base.
    • High performance: Exceeding the high demands for corrosion resistance and exceptionally consistent torque and tension characteristics.
    • Global consistency: Wherever ZinKlad, DecoKlad or XMAPP standards are applied, applicators know they are using the same high-performance products.

    What do we do?

    QPS flow chart

    We supply and develop QPS standards that meet and exceed OEM specifications. We validate applicators processes by conducting audits, carrying out inspections and testing the production output to make sure they meet pre-defined QPS standards and agreed technical requirements.

    We monitor and report results on a global scale to be able to service and continuously improve performance. 

    Why do we do what we do?

    We believe that we are able to assure a global consistent performance at a local level meeting the global OEM requirements with a select number of world class applicators.

    How do we do what we do?

    MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions has developed a unique Quality Performance System called QPS that tackles the challenges for high-performance automotive coatings. OEM’s can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide.

Zinklad Global Approved Applicators

Company Country Contact System Approvals Plater Method Website
A Raymond Tinnerman United States 250M Barrel View
A. Gilligan (Coatings) Ltd United Kingdom 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Aalberts Surface Treatement GmbH Germany Michael Krauss 250 Barrel View
Acument Global Technologies United States 96, 250, 1000B-EXP, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
AJAX Metal Processing, Inc United States MG/MGL, 96, 250, 1000B-HG, 1000B-EXP, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
AMAC Enterprises Inc United States 96, 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Anochrome Group United Kingdom 250M, 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Asia Pacific Plating Corporation Taiwan Mr Guo 96, 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
AVK Industrial Products United States Jamie Lawrence 250 Barrel
Berezecki SA France Benoit Berezecki 96, 250 Barrel View
Bradley Plating Mexico Manuel Munoz Perez 96, 250 Barrel
Bulten AB Sweden Henrik Oscarson 1000B Barrel View
ChengFu Tech Co., Ltd. Taiwan John Hong 250M Barrel
China Ruibiao Group Co., Ltd China Wang Zhiyong 250 Barrel
Chongqing Delongsheng industrial Co. China Cai, Fangzhi 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Chongqing Jinrui Metal Surface Treatment CO., LTD China Wu Jin 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel
Cirteq Ltd United Kingdom 250M Barrel View
Coatings 85 Ltd Canada Phillip A. Pitman 500B, 500, 240, 1000B, 1000, 96 Rack View
DaeWang Metal South Korea Son Chan Young 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel
Electrolytic Plating United Kingdom 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel
Electroplating & Surface Engineering SA de CV Mexico Francisco Granados 96, 250, 1000B, 1000, 1000B-EXP Barrel View
Elm Plating United States 96, 250 Barrel View
Española de Electrolisis, S.L. Spain 250M, 250, 1000 Barrel View
Faratech Co., Ltd Thailand Khun Viwat Asavasamroeng 96, 250 Barrel View
Fintex LLC United States David Slavin MG/MGL, 96, 250M, 250 Barrel View
Fosfantartiglio SPA Italy Alessandro De Matteis MG/MGL, 250, 1000, 1000B Barrel View
Galfa Germany MG/MGL, 72, 250, 1000, 1000B Barrel View
Galol s.a. Spain MG/MGL, 96, 250 Barrel View
Galvanoplast France Pierre Cordonnier 1000 Barrel View
Great Lakes Metal Finishing United States 96, 250 Barrel View
Growermetal S.R.L. Italy Gionata Bartolomeo 250M Barrel View
Hacer Traitements de Surface France Stéphane Baud 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
HEWI G. Winker Germany 250, 1000 Barrel View
Holder Germany 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Huangshan City Jintu surface treatment Co., Ltd. China GM Jiazhi Sheng 250, 250M Barrel
Huster Oberflächentechnik GmbH Germany 1000B, 1000, 72 Barrel View
Indiana Automotive Fasteners United States Pete Murray 96, 250 Barrel View
J&M Plating United States Todd Linberg 96, 250, 1000B-EXP, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Jagemann Plating Company, Inc. United States V. Shepard 250, 240 Rack, Barrel View
Jingjiang City Yonggu Auto Parts Paint Coating Factory China 240 Rack View
Jinn Her Enterprise Co., LTD. Taiwan Jimmy Tsai 72 Barrel View
Kunshan Grand Champion Metal & Plastic Mfg Co.,Ltd. China Peter Zhang MG/MGL, 250 Barrel View
Leist Germany MG/MGL, 250 Barrel View
Metal X France Fabrice Grand 96, 1000 Rack, Barrel View
Metalfast, Indústria e Comércio Eirele Brazil MG/MGL, 96, 250 Barrel View
Mithieux France Jonathan Fhima 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Modern Plating Coatings & Finishes United States Todd Berger 96, 250 Barrel View
Modern Plating Corporation United States Matt Kelly 96, 500, 250, 1000B-HG, 1000B-EXP, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Morgan Ohare United States 96, 250, 1000B-EXP, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Nantong CHAYO electrochemical technology China Shen Yu 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
National Aerospace Fasteners Corporation Taiwan 1000, 1000B Barrel View
New Zinc Sp. z o.o. Poland 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
PEM (China) Co., Ltd China Dapeng Duan 250 Barrel View
Penn Engineering Ireland 250, 1000 Barrel View
PMPT South Korea Jeon Young Im 96, 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel
Retsacoat- Tratamento de Superfícies Metálicas, Lda Portugal Jaime Rodrigues 96, 250 Barrel View
Right Tight Fasteners Private Limited India AMARJEET SINGH 250 Barrel View
Rudolf Reinecke Germany 250M Barrel View
Ruian Xinmin Electroplating Co., Ltd. China Tony Yan 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel
Saga Tekkohsho Mexicana SA DE CV Mexico Fujio Yamaguchi 96, 250 Barrel View
Schirmer Germany 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Shanghai Autocraft Co., Ltd China Hong Du 250 Barrel View
Shanghai KaiFa Hardware Products Co., Ltd China Mr Wang 250M Barrel
Shenzhen Senrui Gongmao Co. Ltd. China Piao Dehao 250 Barrel View
South Holland Metal Finishing Co. Inc. United States Brian MG/MGL, 96, 250, 1000B-HG, 1000B-EXP, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Spring Profit Plating Works Co., Ltd Taiwan A-Tsu Chiu MG/MGL, 96, 250, 1000B-EXP, 1000B, 1000, 1000B-HG Barrel View
SSI Surface Technology Co., Ltd Thailand Uthai Rattana 1000, 1000B Barrel
Superior Fastening SHANGHAI LTD China Yi Zhi Fu 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Suzhou Penglei Auto-Parts Co., Ltd. China Shou Huajun 1000, 1000B Barrel
TA YA TEBOLON CO., LTD. Taiwan Jasper Wu 1000B-EXP, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Torcad Ltd Canada Gary Rauscher 96, 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Twist Inc. United States A. J. Evans 1000 Rack View
Uysal Makina Ltd (Part of Norm Civata Group) Turkey Fatma Fidan MG/MGL, 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel
Varland Metal Service United States Kevin Marsh 750 Barrel View
Wuhu Qiangzhen Auto Fasteners CO., LTD. China QIHAI DAI 250 Barrel View
Ying Ming Industry Co., Ltd. Taiwan Veronon Lui 250 Barrel
Yingming (Wuhu) Fasteners Co., Ltd. China Hequn Xu 250 Barrel View
Young sin Metal Industrial co . ltd South Korea Park Sang Soo 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Yun Lien Enterprise Co., LTD. Taiwan Chia-Long Lee 250 Barrel
Z & D Plating Co., Ltd. Taiwan Beer Lin 96, 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Zhejiang Changhua Auto Parts Co. China Yi Zhang 250 Barrel View
Zhejiang Huaxu Metal Surface Treatment Co., LTD China GM Yi Zhang 1000, 1000B Barrel
Zhejiang Yutai Automobile Parts CO.,LTD China Hongkui Kong 250 Barrel View
Zincagem Martins Ltda. Brazil Christiane Costa MG/MGL, 96, 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Zincatura Reggiana SRL Italy Francesco Esposito 250, 1000B, 1000 Barrel View
Zindel France Malfait Gilles 1000 Barrel View
Zong Lien Industry Co., LTD. Taiwan Zong Lien 250, 1000B, 1000, 1000B-EXP, 1000B-HG Barrel